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Redman5s Legacy

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Price   $2,900.00

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Big horns in small places

Her Dam, Shamrock's I'll Be Best

Her half sister, TY Gun Frost

HCR Prairie Rose Young cow double bred Wyoming Warpaint  bred to TOP HAND  DOB 4/12/2012

HCR Rose A young daughter of the late, great Wyoming Rose ST   DOB 5/14/2012   Bred to TOP HAND

TY Snow Frost 2008    Affectionally called "Frostbite"  Born in a blizzard and froze her ears and horns.. a half sister to TY Gun Frost       Wait til you see her calves!  Bred to TOP HAND

HCR Warpaint's Glow 95 1/2 " total horn Owned by Rick & Linda Denief, managed by Gordon Howie  Being pasture bred to CLEAR WINNER

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 Lots of color and horn

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Texas Longhorn Cattle

Price    $4,200.00

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HCR Diamond   a granddaughter of Wyoming Warpaint  DOB 4/18/2012  She will be in the TOP HAND harem for a 2017 calf

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another daughter of Wyoming Rose, 87" T2T Max's Red Rose

Price    $4,500.00

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Her Dam, Diamond W, a classic Longhorn cow

Sittin Picture Perfect   DOB 3-13-12  We were smitten with this young cow at the Horn Showcase sale.  She is a 3 time futurity winner, with Sittin Bull on the top of her pedigree and Maxamillion on the bottom.

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Her Dam, Classy Georgia

Wyoming Warpaint on top and bottom of her pedigree

Her Dam, Catapillar

Her Dam, Ima Whiz

Her Dam, Wyoming Rose ST

HCR Miss Fancy  damaged left horn, but she just keeps curling and getting better  Bred to TOP HAND    DOB 5/05/2008

Georgia Peach Why would we keep a longhorn cow with no horns??  Look at her picture as a 3 yr old before her horns were damaged by an infection  Being pasture bred to TOP HAND

HCR Warpaint's Best   almost 90" total horn  and 80" Tip to Tip on 8/19/16    Being pasture bred to TOP HAND

"the horns of the righteous shall be exalted"Psalm 75:10

One of her sons, Osceola as a 4 yr old, owned by Ridge Point Longhorns

She is bred to this young rock star, Cowboy Hot T-Bone Chex, (pictured on the left) who measured 63" at 24 months    She came with a 2016 bull calf bred the same way!

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Price  $3,400.00

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NEW Measurement 2-13-2017  Just 3 1/4" from 90 !!  Legacy measured 86.75" TTT

2016 Horn Showcase Results:  2nd in her class for TTT (84.6875"), 2nd for Twisty Horn (107"), 2nd for Composite Horn (208.1875") and 3rd for Total Horn 99.75")                                 Being pasture bred to TOP HAND

More Wyoming Warpaint genetics in her pedigree

7LS Miss Iron Maxine   it's what happens when you mix Iron Mike and Maximus St.  DOB 4/27/2009  She's planning a family with TOP HAND 

HCR Whiz   Another young cow.  Daughter of the late, great IMA WHIZ  DOB  11/04/2013  She will be expecting a CLEAR WINNER calf next spring

Price $3,900.00

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