HCR Sport

Trophy Steer Prospect DOB 3-22-16 Win the Drag x HCR Rose                  $1,850.00


Yearling Bulls

HCR Tank

Trophy Steer Prospect DOB 4-08-16 Win the Drag X 7LS Miss Iron Maxine  $2,100.00 

HCR Blaze

Trophy Steer Prospect DOB 3-29-16  Win the Drag x HCR Peach                  $2,600.00


DOB 4-22-17   Top Caliber, Jamakizm, Maximus ST and Hunts Command Respect... in one package. This yearling bull has lots of horn that lays back hard, depth of body, color and a pedigree that could jump start your next calf crop. $1,800.00. Might trade for ??? Call me (605) 381-3998

Powerful Pedigree DOB 4-21-17
Clear Win, Top Caliber, Wyoming Warpaint, JP Rio Grande, Texanna Van Horn and Wyoming Rose ST (dam of Max's Red Rose) He is beginning to show black to add some chrome to his color. Priced at $1,800. Might trade for ??? Call me at (605) 381-3998

We have more... call and tell us what you need!

All of our Longhorns are available for purchase.  If you don't see a price, just call anytime!    (605) 381-3998

HCR Rusty            One (and only one) Available now
2017 Bull calf from this cross, Redman5's Legacy X Top Hand  DOB 3-18-17
$2,500.00 Call me today (605) 381-3998