HCR Sport

Trophy Steer Prospect DOB 3-22-16 Win the Drag x HCR Rose                  $1,850.00

Sorry, he's SOLD

HCR Blaze

Trophy Steer Prospect DOB 3-29-16  Win the Drag x HCR Peach                  $2,600.00


Sorry, he's SOLD

Trophy Steer Prospect 4-7-16 Win the Drag x Frosted Thistle  $1,200.00

HCR Tank

Trophy Steer Prospect DOB 4-08-16 Win the Drag X 7LS Miss Iron Maxine  $2,100.00 

All of our Longhorns are available for purchase.  If you don't see a price, just call anytime!    (605) 381-3998

BULL       HCR Ranger 4-03-16 Win the Drag X HCR Whiz          $1,200.00

We have more... call and tell us what you need!